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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Direction-ish

I don't know whether you all have noticed, but my blog has been working to find a  focus since we all started chatting with you way back last October. First I'd write about the silly things that happened on our walks (remember that cell phone dropping into the still steaming poop?), then I'd write about some serious issue that I read in The New York Times, like the trend to surgically de-bark dogs just to make life a little quieter for humans. Well, I'm still going to write about those things, how could I not?!

But since learning about and participating in the BlogPaws conference, I really want my blog to focus mainly on 2 things:
__ Promoting adoption and shelter/ rescue efforts for human companion animals (yes, cats too... remember, I live with one), not just in the U.S., but all over our beautiful planet.  Hey, maybe I'll get a passport (that I can eat)!
__ Promoting select products and services that I (in consultation with my Parental Unit) think you'll be interested in and benefit from.
 See what Parental Unit and I learned at the conference about product reviews here: www.blogpaws.com/2010/04/product-reviews-a-right-way-and-a-wrong-way.html#more

**If we do any promotions of products or services, there will always be some free give-a-ways of those products or services, or at least some hefty discounts, through fun contests, (and who knows what else!) -offered to my faithful Followers!**

So my Parental Unit and I are asking for your support and advice as we embark on these new missions.
What do you have to say? Any products or services that you'd like to hear about? Any specific pet shelters/rescues, or other heroic efforts that you think are worthy or will benefit from some kind of attention?
Please let me know! Whadaya say we work together on this?


Rachel said...

Awesome. There are SO many breed specific rescues out there, it would be neat to feature different "breeds" from time to time and talk about why their people are so passionate about saving that breed. Look forward to reading more soon.

Asta said...

Oh My Dog Bocci
That sounds like such a vewy wowf while decision. All fuwwfwiends can benefit fwom youw advice and knowledge..
My Bloggie is just silly and hopefully sometimes gives you a giggle, but I applaud you fow youws!!! Thank you.
smoochie kisses

Bocci said...

What a great idea! I could do interviews with the rescue directors and everything! :-)
Thanks! And please offer more as they come to you!

Bocci said...

My dear Asta,
Thanks so much for your support! But don't "poo-poo" your blog, cause I and Parental Unit and tons of others LOVE your blog!
Your buddy,

Agatha and Archie said...

Welllll we have to hurry up and write becasue we have to FLY over and see your Units article...ON HIS BLOG WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...We think this is a fabulous idea as we are always looking for new fun toys and of course fabulous food( Tell your Unit to email PL2 at our email(its on our blog) and she can tell her all about these wonderfull grain free cookies from Oregon that a couple started..and you get to put your picture on the bag!! Oh we just remembered we wrote aobut it os she might ahve seen it!!... But everyone in a while do put a good poop story in there as well( we were ROLLING on the gruond with that one..) Love A+A

Agatha and Archie said...

WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA YOU HAVE YOUR PICTURE ON HIS SITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS BIG REALLY BIG...... are you going to go and visit his pack??( those dogs are REALLY BIG Bocci) Is he going to use you on his show?? Well we are very proud of you..Love A+A PS oh yeah tell parental unit the article was very nice as well!!

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bocci!
I live in a place where there are not Rescue Organizations or Shelters... and no pet stores either!
But I'd love to read your posts about those topics!
Kisses and hugs

Megan said...

I think that is a great idea. I think focusing on small shelters and individual stories would be really interesting. Sometimes we don't get the full focus of what a shelter is doing if they are too big. When you can profile an individual dog and perhaps follow them through the whole adoption process, it can be inspiring.

Otherwise, I would write about what you are interested and passionate about. No sense in blogging if you can't have some fun.

Bocci said...

Hi A+A,
You two are so darn funny-we love ya! Glad you liked the article-wouldn't it be cool to be on his show?!
I'll look up those Oregon cookies for sure...and here's to more poop stories - you can't make that stuff up!
Glad you stopped by :-)
Your buddy,

Bocci said...

Hi Lorenza,
None at all? You can always order online! but I'm glad to hear you'll keep reading -it will still be a mix of things!

Thanks for stoppin' by!
As always, your buddy,

Bocci said...

Hi Megan,
I totally agree-that's why both Parental Unit and I are doing this-we love it!
And that is a great idea-to follow one pet from rescue through adoption and maybe even beyond. I'm printing out all the neat ideas I'm getting. Thanks!
Hope you keep stoppin' by!

Unknown said...

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