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Monday, February 01, 2010

Hail Cesar!

I know that Parental Unit goes a bit overboard when she talks about The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan - she just gushes all over the place. But this time she really has reason to rave-Bocci's Beefs is now listed on Cesar Millan's website, Cesar's Way, as what they call a "Cesar Friendly Blog"! It's one of only 8 blogs in the whole universe of blogs ( I think) that Cesar thanks for their support-why we've practically been invited over to the Millan's for dinner ( I think Parental Unit is primping now....) And I can just smell his happy, balanced pack that I'm soon to meet at his dog psychology center in sunny Los Angeles.
I have to admit, I'm a bit star-struck too...wait a minute, what do you mean we're not actually going to L.A?  We don't get to meet him, or Ilusion, or his kids, or my personal hero, Daddy...? Then what's the deal with wakin' me up? I'm going back to bed...
Anyway, if you want to see our name in lights, check it out at: www.cesarsway.com/node/705


Agatha and Archie said...

WE SAW IT WE SAW IT!! YOU ARE FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love Cesar too and Pl2 could kick herself BECAUSE HE WAS HERE IN BOSTON!! and she screwed the date up and didn't get tickets( she wanted to take us but no dogs allowed)IS THAT STUPID OR WHAT..sorry we are a little pumped up just talking about him..Love A+A

Bocci said...

Ha! You two are the greatest! If he ever comes to Columbus, Ohio,( or anywhere even close) you can bet Parental Unit will be there!
She was so psyched when she found yesterday!

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