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Saturday, December 12, 2009


Check out my blog's new masthead! It's been up there for a few weeks, but the rest of the blog has just been tweaked so now everything fits. You know, I usually take credit for everything good that happens, and flee when something nasty is blowin' in the breeze, but this time I must give credit where it's due: the artist and designer, Darrin Hoover, who just happens to be our "neighbor boy" designed my really neat masthead  (don't you just love the red and blue balls!) and even came up with some catchy phrases to go along with it-he's right, I always "have a bone to pick".
 In fact, he's heard me complain from day one. Hoover was the first human I saw when I jumped out of the car straight from the pound, and I started complaining to him about the car ride over before he could even say "hello".  Who'd have thunk that a year later, he'd donate his talent so that I'd have a really cool looking blog to complain from?
Anyway, check out Darrin Hoover's artwork at: www.whim-ze.com.  Take it from me, it is super cool art. His prints and originals make great gifts-we should know, our house is filled with "Whim-ze's"!


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