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Monday, September 28, 2009

Credit Where It's Due

Just want to give a great big fat "thank-you" to John and Jan Clark for hiking over to my house in the middle of a snow storm last January -just to take pictures of me! The "photo shoot" was for my literary debut in Dog Fancy (see attached File on the sidebar). What was funny is all the trouble John and Jan went to trying to get just the right angle and lighting for each photo ( John, a professional freelance photographer realized immediately that I photograph best from below, so he was lying stretched out on his side looking up at me with his camera the whole time.) And you should have seen Jan, waiving the treats wildly above my head, all the while trying to stay out of the picture. One time, I swear, she was sprawled flat out on her stomach, treat clutched in her hand, trying to get me to sit and look down at the same time. For crying out loud, all she had to do was tell me!
Anyway, the photo credits on this blog so far, including that big one at the top, go to John Clark, friend and neighbor.
(I'm wondering if John should photo-shop my nose-I think it looks too big-don't you?)


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