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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

FIDO Friendly Magazine - We Love Ya!

Parental Unit and I are sooooo excited to introduce the publisher of FIDO Friendly magazine, Susan Sims, as our guest writer today! FIDO Friendly is proudly in its 10th year of publication, and is dedicated to sharing valuable stories and information about all the wonderful places you can travel with...yes, you guessed it,  Fido! Their tag line is: "Leave No Dog Behind"-now don't we all agree with that!

Anyway, Ms. Sims wanted to tell all my readers about a wonderful "road trip" she, her dog, Junior, and some of her staff, along with lots of volunteers and sponsors took to promote (and seal the deal!) on pet adoption across the U.S.
So without further adieu, here's her piece along with some wonderful pictures of the trip-pack your bags and water bowls, cause here we go!

P.S. Please don't pass up the discount code, highlighted in bold, below-only for readers of Bocci's Beefs!
And.. there will be a give-a-way of a year's FREE subscription to FIDO Friendly magazine in a post later today-so keep a look-out!

Behind the Scenes on the "Get Your Licks on Route 66" Pet Adoption Tour
By Publisher Susan Sims
North Shore Animal League America (NSALA) and FIDO Friendly magazine partnered for the inaugural "Get Your Licks on Route 66" pet adoption tour this past June. Presenting sponsors Purina and One Hope Network, along with supporting sponsors Bissell, 3M, Toyota, LaQuinta Inn & Suites and Animal Radio, helped raise awareness for pet adoptions across the country.
More than 150 pets found forever homes and one lucky pup graced the cover FIDO Friendly magazine this past February. NSALA provided the 36-foot mobile adoption bus, and pets were picked up in style and delivered to local Wal-Mart venues where potential guardians could board the bus and look for their forever pets.
Bus drivers James Gleason and Deborah Ross piloted the climate-controlled vehicle from Santa Monica, CA, to Chicago, IL. They arrived at partner shelters early to collect the eager batch of hopeful adoptees and every evening returned those who were not adopted that day. James and Deborah would then clean and sterilize the bus so it was ready for the next town. Their hard work was rewarded each time a new pet guardian signed on the dotted line. It was also understood that many people looking during the day and not quite deciding on a pet would often be found the following morning at the shelter, ready to adopt.

Toyota provided the Venza for us to use as a chase car, and with Junior safely ensconced in his crate, we rode America’s favorite highway. The Mother Road, as some have called her, was welcoming and full of smiles as people passing by glanced over at our logo promoting pet adoptions. Together, my husband, Greg, Junior and I witnessed firsthand how hard the shelter volunteers work and what big hearts they all have. 
Hard facts of why so many animals end up in our country’s shelters were never more evident than the day spent at one adoption. Two small dogs were owner turn-ins. The reason: The owners were moving and the new apartment community did not allow dogs; the blind, 14-year-old Beagle, who luckily came to a no-kill shelter and will most likely live out her days there, had a guardian who was taken to a nursing home, where dogs are not allowed. Many dogs and cats were found as strays, just like our boy, Junior; the one-eyed Pomeranian whose littermate brutally attacked him and who had to have surgery to remove his eye. The owner turned in the victim. All but the Beagle mentioned above were adopted that day.

This was a trip of a lifetime, one we have pledged to make as an annual event. With the help of NSALA and our sponsors, we will do our very best to make a difference in how shelter animals are viewed and to help raise awareness to adopt when the time is right to bring home a new family member.
We’ll be going back out for our Second Annual "Get Your Licks on Route 66" tour this September. Stop by on the route and say hello. You just might end up with a furry best friend! 

Read more FIDO Friendly destination and health/wellness articles and get the latest and greatest in where to go with your pooch by visiting FIDO Friendly magazine at www.fidofriendly.com and our blog at: HYPERLINK "http://blog.fidofriendly.com

For more information about your canine family member, check out the latest issue of FIDO Friendly magazine. 

All Bocci’s Beefs readers are entitled to a 20% discount off a year’s subscription. Click on this link http://www.fidofriendly.com/shop/fido-friendly-magazine-subscription/ and enter promotion code “Tasha” at checkout to receive the discount.



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